and then came the light


The only reason why anything virtuous or lovely survives in us is this: ‘the Lord was there.’ -Spurgeon

Oh, but there is unfiltered beauty in the broken church. It’s a living, breathing thing with seasons of change like everything else. It is a collection of flawed people carrying not he work of a flawless God. There will always be disappointment, failing, and selfishness. I know this because these things thrive in me… why am I surprised to see them in the church at large? Being dedicated to Good does not protect you from harm. It only means we will not be lost forever. Just when you think there is no revival left,

Your child speaks truth and gives new life to the dying.

The widower calls and offers you more than flowers your time of need.

A friend binds your physical wounds.

Your flawed service helps unpack a new home for old friends.

The imperfect church shows up, every day, in grand and minute form. As difficult as it is to have those fiery conversations, to feel the bruise of neglect… I count it all joy to be on this journey. May it lead me ever closer to Christ.

The damage has been done because we have listened to others talk about Jesus and have stopped reading the Scriptures. – Father Mike Endicott

Most of us don’t need peculiar insights into new truth as much as we need to be reminded of the things that have been taught to us for a long time. -Alistair Begg

In the midst of both inner and outer chaos, I am reminded to sharpen my view. To look up instead of around. To go back to the basics. He is not hidden, He is risen. And we are not doomed to failure but, God helping us, destined for glory. It is a bumpy and winding and long journey.

It’s simply time to resole my shoes.







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2 responses to “and then came the light

  • Missy

    Choosing to look up, instead of around, right next to you. And loving you from up here in NH. Bruises and all.

  • Kim Fernando

    Katie, I’m just reading through a couple posts that I missed and wanted to say how much I love this through and through. My pastor did a message on 1 Peter 4 yesterday and spoke on this very thing with the verse, “Love covers a multitude of sins.” He reminded us that Peter did everything wrong, and yet Jesus chose him to be the rock He built the church on. Amazing. Thanks for sharing this!

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