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amber waves of grain

Ah, Friends.

We have picked up the minions from my parents… all 5 of us are back under one roof, with Gus and Abby now sharing a room.

Let us pray.

I mentioned Thursday that I was making a few changes in order to be a better player on the home team here…

one of those is regularly seeing a counselor. We’ll talk about that, but not today.

Another is regularly seeing a friend, who is a chiropractor, professionally.

[Let me say here that this is not a post to debate the ethics or belief in chiropractic care. Do what you do. My first job in high school was working in a chiropractor’s office, and I have been a long-researched, well-read fan ever since. It works for me on many, many levels.]

So, my friend… my brilliant friend who is now gainfully employed and helping people lead a fuller, better-rounded life… my friend says to me on my first visit, “Ok. There are, like, a million things happening in your body right now. I’m not sure all of them are fantastic. We’re going to do this, this, and this. Here are the tools you need. Go forth and be strong. Come see me in one week.”


One of the ‘this’-es was to go gluten-free for 6 weeks.

I am now on Day 7.

You’re afraid- right now you’re afraid that I’m going to tell you it’s changed my life and I’ve never felt better and I never thought I could do it and here are all the reasons you should do it, too.

I might, later.

But not today.

Today I want to say that I miss bread. I miss ballpark hot dogs in buns that help hold the cheese on. I miss pancakes- easy, fast pancakes. And I miss Coke. I MISS COKE.

Do I feel better? Yes. Already? Yes. But, quite frankly, I miss being lazy.

I’m thinking this may have been exactly what the good doctor had in mind.

Ten-million dollars says I will be the one person in America who feels better on a gluten-free diet but returns to her old ways simply because she has no willpower. It’s shocking, really, that I’ve made it this far. I am a genetic cheater (I’m looking at you, Dad.). I cut corners. I don’t plan my days. A gluten-free diet, while making perfect sense to me, is maybe the exact opposite of me.

I’m here to say I’m doing it, I’m not happy about it, I already see the benefits*, and I dream about Coca-Cola at night.  during the day. all the bless-ed time.

I give you permission to steer me towards one EASY, simple, favorite gluten-free menu or website or recipe. I refuse to be converted, but I am willing to be enticed.

Word of encouragement are always acceptable.

* Gluten causes inflammation of cells in your gut. The symptoms of a gluten intolerance vary incredibly from person to person. Like most things in life, it’s a spectrum. Some people notice nothing. They are like those crazy caffeine people who can have coffee at 11pm and be asleep by 11:15pm. Some people are desperately allergic to gluten. And even more have some level of sensitivity to gluten that is affecting them daily but is easily managed… symptoms like focus or irritability or fatigue. They’d be better without gluten, but they manage to cope using methods other than eliminating gluten from their diet.

I do not suffer from Celiac Disease. Nor do I have an obvious allergy. But, it’s already clear gluten makes me foggy and tired. Thus, the 6-week trial. Five more weeks and then we’ll see if we need to take it to the next level: the family table. I need to get a handle on it myself before changing over the rest of the tribe.