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Hot Wheels for Rylie

thank you card

Well, last Monday pretty much knocked it out of the park, Folks. Donations continue to come in and we are overwhelmed.

We raised above and beyond what I requested… which brings up a million questions for this girl who can process the life out of anything. ANYTHING.

Things that have been said out-loud over the past week: Do we let Ry pick out anything she wants? Do we give her limited options so the choice is somewhat practical? Let her pick anything! Be responsible! What to do with the extra after all is said and done? Open a savings account for Ry’s future fun/special needs? Save it only for future bikes for Ry? Give part of it away? But folks gave to RYLIE, so maybe we shouldn’t give part of it away. Folks gave to Ry’s BIKE fund, so we should only use it to buy a BIKE for Ry- now or later. We can use this money for anything for RYLIE. We can use this money for ANYTHING. Let’s go to Chicago! Folks gave to our family and trust us to do the right and fun and good thing. They entrusted me with the money, so I’m responsible for the money… but they trust ME, too, so CRAP.

You laugh, but it’s all true. There’s a sweet, kind, crazy responsibility in receiving a gift of this magnitude. Of sharing an experience and guiding the ship.

Thank goodness I’m usually only responsible for deciding what’s for dinner.

Curt was excited that this project gave his Inner Spreadsheet Geek the chance to do some serious research. Lawd, y’all. The research. I was all set to click BUY, throwing confetti and ordering the rainbow bell option with extra streamers, and he’s all like, “well… have you seen blah blah blah?” I do love this man and he is remarkable. I love him the most of anyone, really. BUT HE IS SO DARN LOGICAL AND THOROUGH.

Actually, I think what I said last night after anther hour of extended web-searching was, “I think we’re making this too hard. You’re making this too hard. You’re looking at way too many websites. I have seven tabs open right now. This is nuts.” and he said, “I can look at as many websites as I want.” and I said, “She wants a basket- THAT’S ALL SHE WANTS.” and he said, “You’re right. Have you seen these baskets?” And then I died.

All this to say, we haven’t made a decision yet, but we will. By tonight. I say so.

We realized quickly that there are 2 major options:

1. Buy a trike. (But what size? She needs a 20″ wheel right now but is right on the edge of switching to a 24″. She could ride a 24″ wheel for longer… but do we buy for now or for later? Maybe she won’t NEED a trike later?)

2. Buy a bike AND a trike conversion kit. (This allows any bike to be transformed into a trike. More expensive, but you kind of get 2 for 1. This is a bit harder than it seems, though. Ry is right in-between bike sizes, as mentioned above. There are also basically zero 24″, single-speed bikes with a front brake. BUT, we could pay for modification and our local bike shops are super excited to help. Hmmm.)

Putting all that web-research to good use (and clearing my brain a little), I offer you this abbreviated list. For anyone out there looking for some bike/trike options for kiddos and adults, here are some great sites we’ve found:

adjustable bike rack that holds 1 tricycle or 2 bicycles = $370 


Utah Trikes (Sun Trike, 24” wheels) = $800


TrikeZilla axle conversion kit = $400


*need a single-speed bike with a front brake

Bicycle Designer trike conversion kit = $249


Worksman folding Port-O-Trike (20” wheels) = $500


(I’m leaning on this tree. It folds. It has 20″ wheels. It has a basket. They also have a 16″ trike option for Littles! Love it.)

Desoto Classic Trike (20”, 24”, 26” wheels) = $380


Worksman trike-cycle Eagle (24″ wheels) = $469


iCan Bike workshops

(teach special-needs kiddos how to ride bicycles independently)



A major fact in our life is the “my sibling gets all this fun stuff and therapy and equipment and time and money and attention because she has some obvious special-needs” phenomena that is so common. Gus and Abby are young, but, trust me. They feel it. They know Ry gets to ride horses and they don’t. They know Ry sees different doctors than they do and plays in special rooms with SUPER FUN toys at school and is allowed snacks at random times. They don’t understand why, but they certainly see it.

I made an executive decision this weekend that the 36 donors would be perfectly fine with all three kids receiving new helmets of choice. Savvy? And, we’ve decided to take any extra left over post-bike/trike-selection and keep it for future fun, independent possibilities for Rylie-O. Now, we just have to pick the actual bike/trike.

ALL THIS simply in the interest of full-disclosure, honesty in relationships, and humor.

Mostly, I just want to say,

Thank you.

We’ll do you proud.