T is for…

‘t’ is for Texas… the land of my birth and my junior high, high school, and college careers.  I love that place.  Every morning, I wake up and I sing, “This is MY country, land of my birth.  This is MY country, grandest on Earth!”  Just kidding.  But, the thought makes me laugh really hard.

‘t’ is for time… like, a watch.  I haven’t worn a watch since 1998 when I went on a college class trip to the Gila Wilderness in New Mexico for 11 days.  As a group, we decided to get rid of all time devices for the duration of the trip.  I never wore one again.  

yellow poms‘t’ is for for time… like, time-outs.  The TexasNorth Mulder family doesn’t really do time-outs as a discipline measure.  There is a step at the top of our basement stairs that is used occasionally, but this method hasn’t really come into play yet.  We do spank… but our child is interesting.  Often when spanked or hand-slapped, she stares at you for an insane moment and then starts laughing.  I hear her father (aka: King of the Little Boy Spankin’s) was exactly the same way.  So, we shall see.  Personally, I was spanked as a child… very rarely, but yes.  Of course, you can look at me sideways and I’ll cry, so any kind of punishment is effective.  What about you?  No Atari for a week?  Stand in the corner?  Wait ’til your father comes home?

‘t’ is for teacher… which I am, of sorts.  And I do so love all of you that teach in any capacity.  I love me some football, too… but dang wouldn’t it be cool to see some pro players play on a teacher’s salary for a year?  I mean, if they had a bake sale for new uniforms, I would buy some brownies!

‘t’ is for tithing… which we practice.  I love that God recognized that while all His people are equally loved and full of worth, He knew that each’s abilities would be different.  He initially asked the Israelites for 10% [Deuteronomy 14:22].  Not $10, because that may be too much or too little for some.  No, 10%.  That covers everyone.   

‘t’ is for TexasNorth… our home here in Michigan.  Mister Chris inadvertently named it for us, that clever man.  It’s perfect for us.  And, speaking of TexasNorth… I have a surprise for you on Thursday  🙂  Y’all come on back now, ya hear?

[photo: some TexasNorth flowers for you today]

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TexasNorth is a little farm in Western Michigan. It's home to 5 chickens, 25 longhorn cattle, a coonhound (Banjo), 1 barn cat, a husband, and 3 ridiculously funny children. The mom of this zoo has been known to mow the lawn in a skirt and roast marshmallows after dark. View all posts by texasnorth

10 responses to “T is for…

  • heather

    oh! what’ s the surprise!? is it the sex of the baby? hope so! i got spanked a couple times as a kid and each time i really deserved it. and although i didn’t have a giggle reaction to the spank, it was still very effective in it’s own special way. your little lady is tough as nails to laugh at a swat! it must be hard for you to not smile when she pulls that number!

  • Cathy

    There is nothing wrong with spanking but if my Dad just said, “hey” to me, I burst into tears. I guess it was the tone of voice.

  • Jtp

    what could sweet Rylie ever do to need a spanking???? hahaha- wdp will get them too, of course right now you just say “no” really mean and he falls apart!

  • LoLo

    What do you do with a child that doesn’t give 2 cents what anyone wants or doesn’t want them to do or for that matter what will be given or taken away if they do it? We have a “Sad Spoon” and that does seem to inflict some sort of pain, but generally doesn’t motivate a behavioral change so I don’t use it very often. Sometimes the threat of using it will work. I use LOTS of positive reinforcement and pretty much make a game out of everything – my kids are pretty competitive so this works if they will play along.

    GOOD LUCK, and let me know if you figure this one out!

  • sunday

    we aren’t time out people either. i tried the other day and Bellaose did not quite get it. When she got out of time out when the timer went off she went back tried to put the timer on herself and kept saying “sorry moma”. oh well. i am not a counter either, more like i will tell you no once kind of girl. to each his own i guess. i def. got a whooping but not very often. i was a pretty good kid. love your family and all your “t’s’ i am sad we are nearing the end. what’s the next game?

  • Mandi

    We are spankers–for acts of rebellion. But, we understand children and circumstances are different, so we employ whichever discipline seems to match the kid and the crime of the moment. The main thing is to discover what gets the kid’s attention and motivates them to change their behavior. And sometimes it takes several tries to figure it out! And sometimes, what worked yesterday doesn’t work today. For Ruth (like for me when I was young), the most effective punishment is losing privileges–like the time we didn’t get to go out for lunch when she had some particularly bad behavior during church. And the time she lost all her play make-up and was threatened with losing her earrings. For Weston, just a word is all it takes. I haven’t quite figured out Max’s “stop” button yet. But we’re trying all sorts of things. I feel sure that you and Ry will get her stuff worked out. Just hang in there.

    And, by the way, I’m with you on the football player salary thing!

  • priscyesser

    My punishment was doled out on the keyboard. Piano keyboard. Sit and practice for an extra hour. No wonder I gave it up and now regret not playing. It was also standing on a dining room chair in front of the living room window if I didn’t eat my dinner. Those same chairs are now in my breakfast room and the table in my dining room, ironic no?
    My parents are old school, there is something wrong with you if you don’t eat. They were appalled that I didn’t force feed my children.
    Can you say “Eating disorders”, but they did their best, and I am more or less free of hang ups (except for the terrible fear of birds)
    I must have blocked that one out.

  • becky

    I was spanked, and spanked and spanked not that my parents were abusive at all, just that I was probably the most stubborn child, ah and yes I hear Jeremiah was that way as well. Hopefully Ellen will find her own way:) hopefully. She just started hitting me when she gets mad so for that I sit her in her chair it seems to make more sense for a punishment for hitting she will sit for awhile then come and hug me.
    Good words on tithing too!

  • Margie

    Actually, time outs work really well for us. We do spank, but only to make the Big Point. But we TO for not coming when called, for not sharing, for not doing what told, etc. And since it yields the desired behavior, we’ve stuck with it.

    How is it possible to not wear a watch? For me, a watch is as basic as clean underwear. The day’s not the same without it.

  • madjeepgirl

    my mom had “the look” and “the tone” that was reserved for those “special moments” and I remember being grabbed *very* tightly by the elbow and walked out the church’s back door at least once. we were spanked as well, but I never laughed. but spankings were pretty rare since I was a pretty good kid (or just didn’t get caught much!). i was terrified of punishment, and it tore me up if my mom was mad at me. more than once I got my sister to take the heat and get spanked for something I did.

    once, my sister and I were in the house by ourselves, dad out in his shop. we were being so loud he could hear us out there, whatever we were doing. he stomped into the house and stood at the end of the hallway. I remember we were facing him, and he was speaking quite angrily and pointing his finger at us. apparently we must have been quite a sight because he said, “…I’m going to hit you so hard” — pause where he tried very hard to hold it together and not laugh — “that your eyeballs fall out!”

    and I do remember one punishment being that I couldn’t watch He-Man after school like I wanted. I had to watch Scooby-Do instead. but lisa got to watch He-man.

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