Aw, snap.

Your Monday Pantry Confessions are killing me.  

Rylie’s 2011 Valentines

Curt’s message to me

My gift to Curt

(varsity sweater, in navy) Which 1. looks fabulous on him, 2. is perfect for the Dornan Christmas party next year, 3. is hella warm, and 4. received the response, “Thanks.  [pause] You don’t really expect me to wear this, do you?”

I cannot win with this man.  I get to try again next week for his birthday.  Wish me luck.

Now, Monday’s Mystery photo:

It’s an IDLER PULLEY.  It’s a very broken idler pulley.  It’s a pulley that caused my Subaru to implode Saturday night while 15 minutes into a 65 minute drive home from Dutch Town.  Fortunately, we were all together and I didn’t cry.  Unfortunately, I was driving at the time and drove the car off the road, down an exit ramp, and onto the sketchy-ist stretch of 28th Street (between Wilson and Eastern, for you locals). 

We turned everything electrical OFF to save power, knowing it was only a matter of time before we were dead in the water.  No radio.  No heat.  No lights.  Did I mention it was 9:30pm?  It was.  SKETCH. 

We made it all the way down 28th to Eastern (a looooong stretch of lights and strip malls), rolled through a red arrow to take a left turn and pulled into our friends’ driveway in Alger Heights… where it died.  Rylie said, “Off.”  Yes.  Off.  God Bless America.  Nate drove us all home and Curt fixed the car Monday night.  I love that man.  Someone buy him a varsity sweater.

The legitimate question is, wasn’t there any warning?  You don’t lose an idler pulley (and serpentine belt) without some warning.  And, yes.  There was warning.  I had been hearing a faint revving sound for maybe a week, but it was extrmemly similar to what it sounds like when you have snow in your wheel wells.  And, it’s Winter here.  So, I missed the signs. I MISSED THE SIGNS.  And, as pennace, the kiddos and I stayed home on Monday with no escape.  I paid my price.

Someone buy ME a varsity sweater.

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12 responses to “Aw, snap.

  • jtp

    i love that Curt is Mister fix it. i would love him more if he had been excited about that sweater…sigh…. you are funny I have no idea what snow in your wheel wells sounds like so cut your self some slack. you are from TX you’re not supposed to know either 🙂

  • Amy L

    Try buying toys for the boy. He may have a big body but he will always be a boy. Accept it and you can ‘win’.

  • Grace

    I feel your pain, sister. We have been a single car family all winter because my husband’s car battery will not keep a charge. We’ve replaced the starter, the battery, and had the new battery and alternator checked out and they are fine. We are stumped. It is currently dead in our single-car garage.

    Then, one day at the Sonic drive-through, our van died. Just sputtered and DIED. I had to have Sonic employees come and push the van out of the way. Then I had to call my husband, who had to get a ride over to me (since his car was also dead!). My husband does not know cars, but fortunately some men in our church do, and they came and fixed it. It needed a new battery, and then some “heat” and some gas in the gas tank.

    It’s amazing how being a 0-car family for a night makes me so thankful that we are now a 1-car family again. Of course, I do hope we can get the other one up and running too. 🙂

  • Kim Aguilar

    Since I’m a “gift” person, it drives me INSANE that I can rarely win a much-coveted excited face from him when he opens my gifts. But I’ll tell you what got the best reaction: A Casio Pathfinder watch:

    I don’t think that one is available anymore, but there must be something new that has replaced it. The thing is amazing. It has a compass, plus a bunch of other stuff.

    It was expensive. But worth every penny because he LOVED it. 🙂

  • Kim Aguilar

    Oh, and by the way, the Valentines are ADORABLE. And. I am so sorry about your car trouble. Car trouble stinks.

  • ecky

    love love love your, errrr i mean rylie’s, valentines!
    so adorable!!!

    hazel’s homemade cards looked were cats made out of hearts and said
    “you are a purr-fect friend”

    valentine’s day is my kind of holiday – all about the bad puns!!!

  • Pap

    Ahhh gotta love it …But I’m with Curt and probably would have said the same thing dear…..At least hes honest ….

  • Cathy

    Love the wooden Valentine! I liked the sweater but at least he told you instead of putting it in the closet and never wearing it!

    I got Dave one of those weather things so you could look out the window and see the wind speed, temp, etc. He is so hard to buy for and I thought well that is something different. I told him when he opened it, if you do not like tell me, I will take it back. Oh no, it’s ok. It’s been in the cupboard for about 4 yrs. now.

  • Trish

    I stared at Curt’s magnet message of love and all I could think was “Where did they get that lung-shaped magnet? And who would make such a thing?”

    I think the varsity sweater is a great gift! Doesn’t Curt know you’re his life-size dress-up doll? That’s in the vows. Though I suppose he should be allowed to wear whatever he wants if he’s able to fix things like idler pulleys….

  • Chris Dornan

    Katherine, i am strongly tempted to buy that for Curtis. he would look great in that! makes me wish i was skinny enough to look nice in the clothes that i love but that take on a different appearance when worn by me! and ummmmm YES HE MUST WEAR THAT TO THE PARTY!!!

  • Jim

    Wish the guy happy b-day from us. Will be off the net next week. My second guess was an idler wheel. RIGHT as if. Your dad is prob still laughing.

  • Margie

    I’m mostly impressed that you guys take Valentine’s Day seriously, as in, gifts and effort. I got an unsigned (but hilarious) Homer Simpson card, and I gave NOTHING. Which I’m pretty sure means I’m a bad wife. But there was no expectation, therefore, no disappointment, and we all had a good time the night before helping the girls put together construction paper ‘tines for their respective class parties.

    Tell Curt he should be honored and impressed with a gift. In my house, I’d say, “Oh, it’s Valentine’s Day?”

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