So, just for a second on this Thursday morning… just for a blip of time… let’s throw out all the world’s problems and hurts and injustices.

Imagine this with me:

It is an alcove of sorts… an entryway into the living room from the front foyer.

On either side of the alcove are glass shelves with a cabinet on the bottom. Aesthetically, they are mirror images of each other: 3 shelves and a cabinet. The cabinet on the east side (so, facing you as you enter the house) has an outlet and houses the sound system. The west side cabinet (so, closest to the front door) does NOT have an outlet.

These ARE visible as you walk in the front door. There’s tons of storage/display space. BUT- totally not my style with the whole honey-oak and glass shelving thing goin’ on. Also- there is a closet next to the front door for guest coats and all that. There is also a small room off the kitchen that connects to the garage that will become a mudroom eventually.


(view from the front door)

alcove2(view from the living room into the foyer)

What would you do here?

Remember, there are two of them: facing each other and tucked into that entryway/arch thingy. (Threshold? Is that what it’s called?) Computer stations? Rip out the non-outlet cabinet and make a homework desk? Paint the cabinets? Trade out the glass shelving for rough wood (this is a YES). Make it a bookcase from top to bottom on both sides?

I’m stuck.


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11 responses to “imagine

  • Gary Mulder

    3 shelves, 3 kids. I would give each one a shelf and tell them that they can use their shelf as a personal show and tell spot for anyone who comes to the house. Their shelf can display art that they make, or things that they like, or objects that represent who they are or want to be.

  • Anna

    Well, what *I* would do is plug in a blender, and nicely arrange all my wine glasses, liquor bottles and such. 😉
    But since I’m guessing that’s not the look you’re going for, I think bookcases all the way. I’m totally jealous of all the built-ins in the living room, by the way.

  • Nancy Lee

    First I would lose whatever that is in that little alcove. You could put a door on that and have a great coat closet unless you already have one. Or a bench with shelves and baskets for hats mittens etc if you use your front door. Then I would keep the built ins but paint them white and add white shelves. Paint all that wood up there to match. Now I’m stuck after that.

  • Lynn Setsma

    You could just paint the back of the shelves. My brother did that in his home library and then books were separated by lots of family pictures and interesting art work and knick knacks. Or ,as someone else said, paint them all white. My brother had a deep, rich red. Stunning.

    I am Kathy Collins mom. 🙂

  • Rachel

    Such an interesting little space that was created between the entry and living room! This might sound crazy, but…. I would connect the front coat closet and front alcove shelves and make that a powder bath and then close in the other glass shelf area and make that the coat closet. So that as you turn into that hall you would have a powder bath on the right and a coat closet on the right. If structurally possible I would get rid of the dropped soffit as you walk in that area and raise it to the level of the ceiling in the living room. And the same as you go under that beam, and raise that part as high as the beam allows. Maybe it would feel a little more cohesive with the living room? Sorry I went crazy with that! I also like rough hewn wood shelves. 😉

  • Rachel

    Oops! Meant to say *powder bath on right and coat closet on the left.

  • Steph

    Paint all that honey oak white! We had honey oak everywhere, built ins, mantel, cabinets, doors, GAG!…we painted it all white. Sigh. Such a fresh bright makeover. You definity need a little bar station. Our built in came with a wet bar and we laughed at first, but now we love it. I like the idea for each kid to have a shelf- but 86 those glass shelves for sure!!! You’ll know how to make it all look perfect and to yalls style. Can’t wait to come and see!!!

  • Margie

    So, I’m late getting here, but wonder what you have done? If anything? Would love an update on this someday; it’s a curious kind of built in.

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