W is for…

Katie at 15.5 weeks‘w’ is for wax paper… which I wrapped all my childhood bagel and cream cheese sandwiches in for lunch.  It’s also what we stole from the kitchen drawer and ran down to the playground with to slick up the metal slide into the Slide of Death.  *sigh*  Where did all the metal slides go?

‘w’ is for Write Me A Song… the Edwin McCain song that speaks to me on about 84 levels.  ‘Write me a song.  Fill it all up with the words like brilliant and heavenly… make it sound just like me, just like the first time I love you was heard.’  His music will always remind me of Rebecca.

‘w’ is for waistline…which is quickly disappearing.   Carley mentioned I haven’t talked much about Mulder 2, and I realized she was totally right!  Fortunately, that’s because everything has been just fine.  I have moved out of the exhaustion phase (which hit me harrrrd) and on to the normal phase.  This pregnancy has been very much like Rylie… very unremarkable.  Don’t worry.  I’ll pay in delivery like last time 🙂  So, here’s my 15.5 week shot for posterity’s sake (and a sneak peak at the picket fence… can you see it?). I’m enormous. 

And, ‘w’ is for William Wilberforce… a personal champion of mine.  If you’ve never seen Amazing Grace, please do.  It’s an incredible (and true) story, it has costumes (yes, Laura), and it has one of the most profound scenes I’ve ever witnessed:  when William talks to his mentor, John Newton, in the church. It’s remarkable.  Simply remarkable.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Mom!

P.P.S.  I got locked in our chicken coop yesterday.  That red bar I’m standing in front of?  It slammed down on me.  Curt and Rylie ate their breakfasts peacefully while I was stuck in the chicken coop. I shall explain more once the hurt has worn off.

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17 responses to “W is for…

  • Amy L

    I’m a fan of pregnant bellies – it looks great on you! Thanks for sharing!
    And might I suggest that boy wonder installs an anti-lock brake on the coop to ward off future peaceful breakfast.

  • Miss Laura

    I think you used the word “costumes” ENTIRELY for my benefit…and for that, I thank you.

  • Amber

    I think we need to see chickens in the picket fence!

  • Carley

    Wow I feel really cool to have had my name said on your blog! I know that’s a touch dorky, but still… I feel famous or something! = )
    That photo of you (and your belly) and Rylie is so cute! You look great! Glad things are unremarkable for you and the baby too!

  • Jessica Carr

    Isnt it amazing how quick the second baby just pops out!! Like your body is saying “oh yea I remember this” Looking good!!!!

  • heather

    Oh no! you got locked in the coup! Good thing the hens didn’t turn on you; you’d have been helpless! Does your life ever remind you of the movie Chicken Run? 🙂 I love that movie. You look Oh So Cute in your apron with Rylie and preggy!! I’m so happy for you that things are ticking along beautifully and you’re right…in pregnancy Uneventful is a good thing! i want to come visit your farm someday and dig in the dirt.

  • sunday

    i love that you got locked in the chicken coop. i am sure you did not love it, but it is still awesome and such great chicken coop to be stuck in. i am looking forward to seeing the finished product. love your belly shot! just perfect, that is what uneventful means!

  • lisahudson

    It could have been worse. I suppose it could have been the outhouse….which, while maybe not much cleaner, would have been a lot lonelier. 🙂

    You and your disappearing waistline are adorable.

  • Jtp

    I love that picture…so sweet!

  • kateohkatie

    Adorable picture! Glad to hear Baby #2 is doing well 🙂

  • Bec

    Oh how I heart Edwin McCain – and I do heart that his music makes you think of me – the same way Rob Thomas’ voice makes me think of you…

    I always loved how you thought it was funny that “here” people only called musicians and bands by their first names Edwin, Dave, Vertical – you always thought that was so silly and I have always remembered it.

    Please don’t get locked in the coop again – we don’t need you giving birth in there!

  • becky swann

    I know I said it on facebook but I love everything about that picture!
    Glad #2 is going well, love hearing about the little one!
    I don’t know that song by Edwin McCain but plan on listening to it soon. I love songs like that that speak to you so much! I like that you do too!

  • Julie

    I am going to watch that movie asap.

    Once again, I love, love, love that picture.

  • Margie

    Wow, I could hardly read the post after I saw the picture. It’s wonderful. Haven’t I already recommended Coop to you? By Michael Perry? You, who have a chicken coop will get it. I LOVE Amazing Grace. The world should watch that movie.

  • ecky

    sorry i’ve been lax in my posting lately…but i have been sneaking peeks at the blog and thinking of you muchly!
    glad to SEE that you are doing well! love the belly!
    did you paint the stars on the coop? is there more fun artwork?

    we are gettin chickens hopefully soon – i’ll need to pick your brain!

  • annie

    um, please tell us about getting locked in the chicken coop?
    you are so cute, this picture is amazing. I love it, rylie looks so precious in it. and you in your tennis shoes and apron, love it all over.
    and i love the chicken coop, it’s adorable.
    and….amazing grace…william, personal hero of mine as well.

  • Rachel

    Love the picture- I think you look great! And Ry is pretty cute too!

    I still need to see Amazing Grace…

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