new kicks

Well, I’m so glad y’all thought the Mass Longhorn Exodus was funny.  My linen pants are no worse for the wear, and my confidence in our gates is slowly building again.  I’m pretty sure it will never. ever. ever. happen again.

Or not. I was reassured serveal times by both neighbors and readers that it just happens.  No matter how good your gates are or how diligent a farmer you are… the cows get out.  Thanks for making us normal. Or, close to normal.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

You may remember that last Wednesday was a big day in Gus Man’s life… his final cast was removed!  I did write down each and every message you sent and took photos.  Have I mentioned how cool you are?  The nurse smiled so big when she saw his little leg come in all decorated 🙂 It was very sweet.


He was fitted with his Ponseti shoes at that same appointment, and we were on our merry way. The shoes look like baby Birkenstocks, I think.  Yes?  The feet are set at a specific angle and then clipped into the bar.  This keeps them from curling up and ruining all the work the cast did for 2 months.  He’ll be in this contraption full-time until the end of August, and then we’ll switch to bed-time only. 

I gotta be honest- the bar is a pain in the buns.  It’s awkward to hold him. He doesn’t fit in his carseat well.  Nursing is weird.  It’s hard to get him comfortable at night with his bad belly.    The bar bangs against your legs when you put him in the front-carrier. I explain at least three times a grocery-trip that he’s not a polio child…. though, I’ll take the braces over the Abuser stares I got with the cast any day.  Such a wild and wacky world we live in… seriously. So, it’s an adjustment, but hey.  We’re an adjustment kind of family.  Do what ya gotta do. Personally, I think he’s going to rock the Winter slopes at a very early age. 

Reality is: it’s only for a short time and we will certainly survive.   It’s hard to argue with such a sweet face.

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14 responses to “new kicks

  • Jessica

    I mean. I cant believe how big he is already. That cute little smile, those chuby thighs….when did that happen?!

  • Amy L

    Go Gus! and like you said small step BIG progress for a cute baby boy who won’t have a clue ’til you show him the pictures.

  • Jim B

    VERY cute liitle guy. Got just the perfect slope for him, in about 4-5 yrs. Oh and how did he grow so fast?

  • JTP

    ahhh! My sister had those shoes…hers were little white shoes on a blue bar…the Birks are WAY cooler. I hated sharing a bed with her wearing it- she was maybe 4…we adopted her and they had not done the cast thing or anything else when we got her so she had to do everything late… lucky gus he won’t remember…. Luck Rylie they don’t share a bed 🙂

  • JTP

    ps- his smile just melted my heart…maybe it’s because WDP’s been gone all weekend…. what a sweet picture of him!!!!!!!!!

  • Miss Laura

    You certainly can’t argue with that face, no…

    And on my way to work each day, I pass at least three dairy farms. The “lots of holsteins crammed into rows and do nothing but stand around and eat piles of corn all day” types of operations. And it’s not at all uncommon to see a lone heifer wandering around the front of the barn. So you’re doing a-ok.

  • Sunday Grant Photography

    what a sweet sweet boy! I can’t imagine how awkward all those things you described are with the bar between his legs, but your attitude blows me away! You are awesome and so is your family, is so is all the longhorns on the loose. That is just something I can’t relate too, well actually I can relate to horses getting loose in the city of Atlanta and me having to chase them down, that is sort of similar!

  • Christy

    Sweet face indeed!

  • mc phillips

    I love it. What a cutie! Harper will be seen (after a three month wait for the appointment!!) by a doctor for hip dysplasia soon, so we’ll have to send Gus pictures of her in her Pavlik brace if she gets one…then they can both hit the slopes together one day and blow us all away!

  • Julie

    Wow, that is some contraption. I can imagine how awkward that thing can be. How wonderful that this can all be fixed while he is a baby though! He is the cutest little guy ever and you are such an awesome moma. Hang in there!

  • ecky

    he’s too cute for words!!!!

  • Bonnie

    Nice shirt, Curt.
    Pretty sure that one’s hanging in Gary’s closet too.

  • Margie

    It’s hard to argue with such a sweet face, indeed. Love knowing his cast had our little greeting from Tejas – one of the few ways we could be there in Michigan with you guys…

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