Dear Readers, today… a list of awesomeness:

1.  I was bit (not out of anger…purely an accident) by our neighbor’s horse Tuesday evening.  My three fingers got stuck in his mouth for, oh, 30 seconds or so.  Count it out.  It’s a flippin’ long time.  I managed to pull 2 of them out pretty quickly, but the pointer finger was not so lucky.  Honestly?  Maybe the most pain ever in my life.  I shudder (I do) to think of how much worse it could have been.


2.  I was alone with Ry and Gus.

3.  I didn’t cuss. I did yell, “No!  Nonononononononoooo!”   Echo did not seem to understand.

4.  I did have to sit on the side of the road for a second and collect myself before walking the remaining 50 feet home.

5.  The power went out an hour later… so, no water or lights at our house to assist in cleaning the wound. 

5 1/2. I am not left-handed.

6.  I still had darvoset and 800mg ibuprofen left over from delivering Gus.  They still work.

7.  The power came back on in the middle of the night.

8.  After finally getting our grass to grow, our lawn has been ripped apart thanks to a 2-month long county road-widening project that is largely centered around MY HOME.  It’s like a never-ending enduro race around this place, complete with mud traps.  The storm left a mud swamp in my driveway.


9.  My doctor gave me a tetanus shot Wednesday while the nurse gave Gus 3 vaccination shots while Ry pretended to give her baby a shot. Now, I cannot use my right hand OR my left arm. 

10. Heather gave me an Edy’s tangerine popsicle yesterday. 

11. I am feeling much better today.

12. Rylie keeps reminding me of the ‘Num Num’ incident and then re-enacts the whole ordeal while wearing her sad face and petting my hand.

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17 responses to “awesomeness

  • Jessica

    you poor dear. I am so sorry. But I did laugh out loud when I read about Rylie re-enacting. Why are these kids so stinkin’ cute.

    p.s. Wyatt wants to come watch the diggers please!

  • Jim

    Ry will make a good doctor. I understand the construction issue, the are rebuilding our cross streets this summer and will do ours next. Dust and noise and how to get home….

  • Kelly

    I so feel your pain. I don’t think there is anything more painful than taking off part of your fingertip….sliced mine off with a mandelin(sp). I so get having to sit down and regroup. Thank goodness you still had painkillers. They can be a lifesaver. Hope you heal quickly.

  • elly

    i love your life. let awesomeness prevail!! xo

  • Tricia

    I am so sorry, but this list made me laugh– esp. the part where you voluntarily got a tetanus booster the day after the horse almost ate your finger. I got one the day after I almost wrenched my shoulder out of socket skiing (awesome jump, less-than-awesome landing)… I got it in the opposite arm as well. I think both of our doctors deserve a good talking-to about mothers needing at least ONE good arm at a time!

  • Carley

    Oh my lanta! That’s awful! Glad you’re somewhat okay!! This was a really funny post though!! = ) Made me laugh!

  • LoLo

    I got my fingertips caught in the hinge of the garage door once while Drew was out of town. Had to bend down with the free hand and manually lift the door to set the stuck hand free. I AGREE, not sure if there is any pain worse (and I have delivered a baby naturally). I almost passed out and then I threw up. Not a proud moment. Be prepared to lose fingernails. LITERALLY, I feel your pain!

    • LoLo

      BTW, in typical MOM fashion, after I had my moment, I got back in the car and proceeded to carry on with the morning carpool.

      • LoLo

        I once got the left side of my “chest” bitten badly by a horse…while wearing a white t-shirt….5 minutes before meeting my future in laws for the very first time. Wouldn’t recommend it.

  • jtp

    i heart rylie and feel so badly for you…. way to go on no foul language- you are a better woman than I!

  • beckyswann

    OH. MY. and no cussing? you go!

  • Chelsey

    I love you. But…WHY were your hands in a horse’s mouth?

  • Wende

    Please video tape Rylie’s reenactment. I know you’re in pain now, but seriously… you want that on tape.

    And I want to see it. 😀 See, I just wrote Monday’s post for you. You’re welcome.

  • Miss Laura

    I never would have guessed you were going through all that when I called you Wednesday and solicited your freezer. Now I feel extra bad about not bringing you that Dr. Pepper. Maybe I should do that this weekend.

    Bad horsey. Bad bad bad.

  • Margie

    The Rylie mimic really got me at the end. Tried not to laugh. I know this is Not Funny. (But, gosh. Everything at once!)

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