God and Country

Today, I’m over at baaaaa.com with a special 4th of July post.  Join me?  Here’s a little teaser:

Happy Birthday, America!  You have been free from Great Britain’s reign for 236 years following a glorious statement in the American Revolution and some well-known poetry in the Declaration of Independence.

I’m a child of the military, you know, so I understand what it is to find your identity so deeply entangled in a mess of politics and policy, war and religion.  My life has been governed, both directly and indirectly, by two forms of authority: the United States Military (thanks to a father who willingly served for 20 years) and the Bible (thanks to a family who instilled the discipline of religion at a young age).

Today is a good day to put pen to paper… as Mister Jefferson and friends did so many years ago… and reflect on some basic truths life with the military and the Word have taught me.

[Excerpts from A Manual of Military Training, by James A. Moss.  Published in 1917.]

[Scripture quoted from the Holy Bible, translations noted.]

  1. Never exercise immediately after a meal; digestion is more important at this time than extraneous exercise (page 155).  This rule has always served me well.  Indeed, there is a season and time for every purpose under heaven (Ecclesiastes 3:1, NKJV). While Solomon neglected to mention digestion in his examples, I am sure it was implied.

And the rest, of course, is over HERE.

Happy Birthday, America!

We love you here at TexasNorth!

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4 responses to “God and Country

  • catherine

    We love you too, Katie. :o)

  • Miss Laura

    I kid you not, Josh and I are watching Band of Brothers and just a minute ago watched the scene where the Airborne unit is pulled from their meal of spaghetti and made to run six miles, vomiting all the way. DAVID SCHWIMMER IS A JERK WHO DID NOT READ HIS MANUAL.

    • Kim Aguilar

      That part (the Jerk!) made me cry, as did many others, and as does every military film out there I suppose. We watched Act of Valor (had to close my eyes quite a bit) and oh my. It’s hard to imagine the discipline required for such things. The military requires great sacrifice, and there are many who give their lives for the freedoms of the citizens they represent. In particular, I have tremendous respect for a soldier that would give his life to save his friends in combat. Isn’t that what Christ did, though? And isn’t this life a daily spiritual battle? But Christ paid the price for ALL of us, no matter our country, creed, or religion. “Christ died for our sins…But now is Christ risen from the dead…even so in Christ shall all be made alive.” 1Corinthians 15, KJV. I feel so blessed to live in this God-given country, and to (one day) be a partaker of the gift of eternal life, in spite of all my weaknesses and imperfections. Thanks for helping me to reflect on that, Katie.

  • Danny Sebeck

    The historian in me appreciates the organized format and references. The Sebeck in me respects the subject matter and author. Our world is quick and complicated due to the distractions fighting for our attention and our failure to focus. However, peace can be found when we simplify. God and first sergeants tend to put our faces in the dirt… repeatedly, and for good reason. This is a great time to clear your mind, gather your thoughts and simplify. I think we can all benefit from choosing a few good books to prepare us for battle and victory rather than mere survival. Then we can move forward in a simple, organized and disciplined manner (without the distractions).

    Happy Independence Day Kate. I hope we maintain our deathless attachment to freedom (WW), and follow the examples set before us in both manuals. Good post.

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