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Curt and I have a general rule that we don’t buy big stuff without talking to the other person first… not for permission, but out of respect.  Now, I don’t call when the grocery bill is off the wall and I’ve got a cart full of diapers, laundry detergent, and dog food in there.  But I would call if a jacket went on sale… or maybe if I desperately wanted to go see Brandi at Meijer Garden. Likewise, Curt lets me know when box (AN ENTIRE BOX- like, twelve pair) of work gloves is headed to the house because he found a deal online, and he buys work clothes without a consult.

But sometimes, sometimes, there is a kink in the line.

When the box arrived with Gus’ new little swimmie trunks, I put them in his drawer with a smile. The dress I *ahem* hid immediately in the closet. It was an impulse buy… a celebration of a great week and a complete and total out-of-bounds purchase. He would love it, and would have said yes had I mentioned it… but I didn’t and now it was too late and the Irish guilt in me was in overdrive.

Yesterday I put it on with my magic boots and walked out ready for church… and confession.


I clicked around the hardwood floors, adding snacks to the bag and refilling Abby’s water bottle.


Finally, I could stand the guilt no longer. I placed myself directly in front of him and raised my eyebrows.

“Your boots look nice. Do you still like your boots?” he asked automatically.

“I love my boots.”

“Good. Me, too.”



“Aren’t you going to ask me where this dress came from?”

“You’re dress? Is new? Ok. Well…”

[takes a good look as I back up and twirl]



Not from Goodwill,Love. Not from Goodwill. But it is the most perfect dress ever. Vintage vibe. Heavy jersey. Looks great with boots, looks fabulous with flip-flops. Certainly out of character for me to buy on a whim AND for it to fit, no less… but a winner. The world’s most perfect dress… for me.

And the world’s most perfect husband… for me.

God bless you, Curt, for your innocence and trust in me. Hurray for happy endings.


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21 responses to “he said

  • violetlemay

    I love this Katie. You are beautiful. 🙂

  • Miss Laura

    Um, that’s beautiful and perfect. I would say the same about Curt, but I suppose it’s unseemly to say that about someone else’s husband.

    You are immensely lucky on the grocery bill…I’ve been saying for awhile that we don’t budget nearly enough (someone is in denial about that…*ahem*), and when he found out that I spent half of it buying JUST snack stuff for my lunches, nothing substantial for meal or for him, etc…(oh and cat litter and prenatal vitamins and such), he wasn’t happy. Receipts were reviewed. Meal planning took place. One thing we have learned in other areas is that when enough money is budgeted (for our personal spending money, for gas, what have you), these arguments happen less often and there is less micromanaging and policing each other when ENOUGH money is budgeted. Food just costs what it costs, you can only trim it so many times before the budget no longer even serves a purpose.

    Not that you don’t know any of this, you two obviously have it down pat…but boy, that was a big topic of discussion this weekend, and I think you hit a nerve.

    Again, WELL DONE on that dress. I think you should wear it to a baby shower. Just saying.

    • texasnorth

      Agreed. Food and gas… well, they just cost. And you can do a little micromanaging to help this out in the grocery department, but 90% of the time, you pay. Period.

      BUt we certainly don’t have it down pat. You’re right about revisions and such… we haven’t officially reviewed what we’re spending as a family of FIVE now… and it’s way different than the groceries of FOUR and THREE. I personally HATE budget meetings. Unless they occur at a nice restaurant 🙂

      • trace

        oh, a budget meeting at a nice restaurant. You have a really good idea there. Maybe I won’t be so impulsed to cry if I am surrounded by curry pad thai and coconut ice cream. But first we’d have to write “out to eat” money into the budget… hmmmm

        BTW: That dress. It looks like it was perfectly made just for you.

  • elspethcordelia

    Now I want those swim trunks for Ted.

  • Missy

    Okay, where’d the DARLIN’ dress come from? You had me at heavy jersey. I’m giggling about the Irish Guilt. Being a mutt, I consider myself lucky to have missed the line when that was handed out. But my husband wishes I had a tad more of it. 😉

    • texasnorth

      The dress (and swimmers) are from Boden. I think, if I did my homework correctly) clicking on the photos will take you to the page 🙂 I have bought a couple things from here and they use the absolute BEST fabric. So quality, so worth it.

  • Mandi Watts

    GORGEOUS!! Absolutely gorgeous! And, what a great story!

  • Amy L

    That dress is a perfect fit and style for you! You have spoken about your fit and areas of least favor – not seeing it here.

    We have a similar financial rule. This has helped immensely in the fun area of financial discussions.

    • texasnorth

      The dress is helpful for the “2 on top, 12 on bottom” type ladies 🙂 I thought it would be too straight on the bottom, but no. It’s definitely the “least swishy” dress I own… but it’s the fabric that helps it lay right. You know how important fabric choice is, Amy!

      • Amy L

        Well someday when those kids are bigger and you have the perfect sewing nook you can whip out your own dresses just like this. Love how clothes that a cut perfectly help mask the areas we don’t always appreciate on ourselves.

  • steph

    Yep. Same rule here. Although I feel like I’m asking more for permission sometimes than out of respect…and that’s okay…because I think the last time Keith spent money on himself was before we got married when he bought some sunglasses at REI. Seriously. Yet, I have found that He generally does not mind when I do some shop therapy and but a very fun article of clothing that just makes me happy and feel pretty. Ahhhh, Boden. Sigh. Oh…I’m making your mustard chicken recipe tonight. 🙂 Miss you.

  • MC

    Haha! I’m jealous- that is a SUPER cute dress. It looks awesome on you! Good job, you AND Curt. 🙂

  • lisahudson

    Oh my gosh! I’m cracking up!!! Your husband is priceless. And that dress? And those boots? Priceless, too. You look mah-valous!! Love Boden. Love love love love it.

  • Kendra VanDerVeen

    I loved reading your story AND the comments…I hate budgeting and having to be the one to let the hubby know how much groceries costs and even how much it costs to clothe my giant of a son that get his ever growing height from his side of the family. So good to see others have tears during those conversations as well 😉

  • mamajoyx9

    Smashing, dahhhhling, just smashing.

  • mamajoyx9

    Smashing, dahhhhling, just smashing.

  • Margie

    Oh, yes. I clapped at this one, too. It is an awesome dress and so definitely not Goodwill.

  • Emily

    I found your blog because of my husband. He’s Marcus, and he works with Curt. And I felt a strong urge to tell you that I love Boden and you can never ever go wrong. Unless you order the wrong size. Also, I like your blog.

    • texasnorth

      Emily, you are cracking me up.

      I do have a very special place in my heart for Boden. Every other year or so, I splurge on a gem from there and have NEVER been disappointed. Their fabrics are sooooo great. Quality all the way 🙂

      Also, I like you.

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