what to do, what to do

Shall we play another “what if” game?

You’ve been SOOOO incredibly helpful in getting my brain thinking about possibilities for the alcoves going into the foyer. I know you’re going to come up with something fabulous for this, too.

I’ll let Rylie show you:


So, there’re two bedrooms and a bathroom at the top of the stairs (where I’m taking the photo). As you come down and just before you turn, there is a another little alcove/landing/space.

There is an outlet and a beautiful window- so light, yes. Honestly, it’s the perfect place for a 2nd Christmas tree, if you are a 2nd Christmas tree kind of family… which, we are not. BUT- I can plug something in. Like a fountain (NO). It’d be a lovely little reading nook with a small, comfy chair, but it’s too tall (45 inches high) for kiddos to hop up there and read, ya know? Trust me, Gideon tried approximately 2.4 seconds after we entered the house.

Footprints. White walls. Bad news.

In years to come, this will turn into another hallway leading to an apartment over the garage.

But, what until then?

I need your brains. Your photos. Your ideas. All of them. Bring it on.


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12 responses to “what to do, what to do

  • elspethcordelia

    Is there enough light for a fern(or other plant) on a plant stand?

    You could even throw some lights on it at Christmas.

  • Anna

    A railing and a step ladder like a bunk bed. Some narrow shelves (like a magazine sorter or something like that, where the books face out). I can’t see it as anything but a reading nook, sorry.

  • Linda Schaeffer

    Small ladder against wall in corner. Fat dog bed for cushion. Wall reading rack for books. Wall reading lamp. If adding railing use as small overnight bedroom. Another small ladder up to window lookout for spying. I bet they fight over it!!!

  • Lucy

    I can’t believe you didn’t see this! It’s a landing spot for a short, very short, zipline! Anything else?

  • roseytina

    I’m the second or third Christmas tree person but that’s what? Two months of the year? I’m thinking reading nook too but I shudder at the idea of a ladder built over corner stairs. Someone has to come up with a safe design. Otherwise I see your two youngest practicing their diving skills off this ledge.

    I also suspect if you don’t give it a purpose…like a reading nook it will become something cluttered…like shoe storage. Winter coats. backpacks.

  • Michelle Van Haitsma

    Hang a kite (that you sewed from cool fabric and with a cool tail hanging down) from the ceiling and paint the lyrics to “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” from Mary Poppins on the walls around it.:)

  • Amy L

    My vote is for plants – it would be great place for greenery. Of course the kids will grow and then this will serve as a perfect jungle hiding place. Just keep the plug handy for a dirt vac so the kids can clean up their mess! 😉

  • Jen Vandlen

    Okay,so I want to talk to you in person with the ideas spinning in my head, but I’m thinking anthropologie style. If you go with plants you could use an antique small ladder to display the plants in the cool pots they sell at anthro. Or you could display 3 vintage suitcases stacked on top of each other. Another thought is to use one unique home decor piece you already have tall enough to fill the space that speaks you and your style.

  • Steph

    What are the dimensions?

  • christopherdornan

    A cute bookcase, maybe made from produce crates, that houses special books & collections.

  • christopherdornan

    Perhaps crates like these, stacked with books, fake plants, collectibles, etc. Things that you don’t need immediate access to. http://www.seasonedrentals.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/SR.-Produce-Crates-w-Blackboard.jpg

  • Margie

    I just wanted to see the comments. I’m terrible about ideas with space. Hence, our unfinished new house – still nothing on walls and gaps in the placement of furniture…

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